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Maryland Board suspends, fines unqualified tax preparers - Individual Tax Preparers

While Maryland taxpayers have been busily gathering their W-2s and 1099s for April 18th, the Maryland Board of Individual Tax Preparers has been working to protect them by forcefully cracking down on unregistered and unqualified tax preparers. In an effort to clear out unscrupulous tax preparation businesses from our state this tax season, the Board has taken an impressive 29 administrative actions since July. Those actions have resulted in two license revocations, five license suspensions and a current total of $151,350 in civil penalties assessed.

The mounting enforcement actions are the result of a strong partnership between the Board, the Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation, and the Comptroller of Maryland. The Comptroller identifies specific tax preparation businesses that are barred from submitting returns for 2017. The list is maintained online. The Board then utilizes the information to pursue administrative charges against businesses that warrant further action. The Board’s disciplinary actions are also posted online.

Maryland tax payers are urged to use only paid tax preparers who are registered with the Board, CPAs, enrolled agents or attorneys every tax season to assure that their federal and state returns are done properly.