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Identification Waiver - Forms - Adult Education and Literacy Services

TEMPORARY IDENTIFICATION CHANGES: MD Pearson VUE GED® test centers have temporarily altered requirements due to the health emergency.

Testers are required to be Maryland residents and must provide official, current identification at the test center. Acceptable forms of identification in Maryland are:

  • A current official Maryland driver's license or current official Maryland learner’s permit
  • A current official Maryland identification card issued by the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA)
  • A current active duty military ID card

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Maryland residents may also provide expired MVA documents for a temporary period of time.

Note: If a student has applied for and received a Secretary’s ID waiver from the MD Department of Labor, he/she must present the waiver letter as well as the supporting document, such as a passport, or combination of documents proving identity and residency. These students must present their official signed and embossed letter approving an ID waiver request.

If MVA documents cannot be obtained at this time due to the health emergency, students may provide documents such as out-of-state licenses or passports. To prove residency when presenting a passport or out-of-state license, students must also provide a second document, such as a recent utility bill, phone bill, cable bill, bank statement, or lease agreement.

Identification Waiver