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GED® Office School Withdrawal/Exemption Form and Home Instruction Verification Forms - Adult Education and Literacy Services

If you are under the age of 19, you are required to print out and have completed the appropriate form below. The GED® Office School Withdrawal/Exemption Form must be completed by an official at the last regular full-time public or private school you attended. The Home Instruction Verification form must be completed by the coordinator of home instruction in the jurisdiction where you reside.

Go to GED® website to create your GED® account before submitting your withdrawal/exemption or home instruction verification form. After you have created your account, submit your completed GED® Office School Withdrawal/Exemption Form or Home Instruction Verification Form to the Maryland GED® Office by scanning and e-mailing the form to Maryland GED® office or faxing to 410-225-7207. Please do NOT create duplicate GED® accounts.

If you were withdrawn from school - GED® Office School Withdrawal/Exemption Form.

If you are currently or were receiving home instruction - GED® Office Home Instruction Verification Form.