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Maryland Department of Labor Benchmarks of Success - Job Seekers/General Public Video Highlights - Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA)

State Superintendent Karen B. Salmon, Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE)

Question 1: In the last couple of segments, we’ve had the opportunity to learn more about the Benchmarks of Success for Maryland’s Workforce System. Could you share your perspective on how these 5 goals will impact Maryland’s jobseekers?

Superintendent Salmon’s Response/Highlights:

  • When examining the Benchmarks, 4 of the 5 goals speak to increasing the earning capacity of Maryland’s workforce system customers (i.e. “jobseekers”) by maximizing access to
    • Employment,
    • Skills and credentialing,
    • Life management skills, and
    • Eliminating barriers to employment.
  • This means we want to help more of Maryland’s workforce system customers to:
    • Obtain an industry recognized credential,
    • Increase their educational functioning level,
    • Obtain an occupational skills training, or
    • Earn a High School Diploma.
  • Helping more workforce system customers acquire valuable occupational skills and earn credentials that will help them compete for good jobs will increase their ability to become a part of Maryland’s workforce.

Question 2: How are the partners of Maryland’s Workforce System conveying the message to jobseekers about the benefits the Benchmarks of Success offer?

Superintendent Salmon’s Response/Highlights:

  • Video Campaign on our state websites/social media announcements/ Maryland Workforce Exchange (MWE);
  • Aggressive outreach through our existing partnerships, statewide;
  • Collateral: Printed brochures and signage in all of our AJC’s, partner offices, and public libraries.

Question 3: Are there avenues/systems in place for jobseekers to take advantage of these services that directly correlate to the Benchmarks of Success?

Superintendent Salmon’s Response/Highlights:

Absolutely. We have a system in place that will help jobseekers find gainful employment and fulfilling their career goals. Jobseekers can learn more about how Maryland’s Workforce System can help them in several ways:

The Maryland Workforce System can help you find a job if you are not working, help you find a better job if you are currently working, or help you prepare for the career you really want.

  • Call 410-767-2173,
  • Visit online, or
  • Stop by an American Job Center near you today
  • Check our social media platforms