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Maryland Department of Labor Benchmarks of Success Part Two Video Highlights - Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA)

TARGETED AUDIENCE: CEO’s/ Boards/Privates/Non-profits
Featured Guest: Board Chair Louis Dubin, Governor’s Workforce Development Board (GWDB)

Question 3: You mentioned the commitment Maryland’s workforce system partners have made to the Benchmarks, but you also stressed the role all stakeholders will plan in ensuring their success. Could you explain why the benchmarks need to be embraced, universally?

Board Chair Dubin’s Response/Highlights:

  • The Benchmarks will allow partners to think systematically about:
    • How workforce services are delivered;
    • Whether services are reaching priority populations; and
    • Where can we eliminate existing gaps and build a more prepared, responsive workforce for Maryland’s businesses.
  • Boards/CEO’s will be important population to champions for the Benchmarks by demonstrating their commitment to staff and partners. Working together, we can align resources and strategies and achieve the vision and mission Maryland’s State Plan articulates.

Question 4: How are you and your Workforce System partners “getting the Benchmarks of Success message” in front of the local workforce boards?

Board Chair Dubin’s Response/Highlights:

  • Talk about benchmarks at each board meeting
  • Find a champion on each board and use them
  • Letters from board chairs
  • Presentations to boards
  • Board meetings agendas
  • Through support staff